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Virtual Assistant Mortage Underwriting Services

We pride ourselves in using our available tools and technology to provide lenders and credit unions with the best service possible. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that an applicant is a good candidate for the mortgage in question by reviewing payment, income, and debt information as applicable.

Once you make the decision to outsource your mortgage underwriting services, we will provide support as follows:

Our services include the following:


Automated Underwriting Systems

We offer only the best in automated underwriting systems, with the goal of providing real-time information about the borrower. We will place notes in the LOS as necessary if multiple resubmissions are noted. Thus, with accurate notes, we ensure easy processing of desktop underwriter files.


  • We utilize Fannie Mae’s Automated Underwriting System, Desktop Underwriter (DU)
  • We utilize Freddie Mac’s Automated Underwriting System, Loan Prospector (LP)


Clearing Loan Conditions

The necessary process of clearing loan conditions is usually very time consuming, and most delays in closing stem from this process. However, we have the necessary experience to ensure the most time-efficient process for our lenders. Our succinct and efficient mortgage processing support services ensure timely information distribution to our clients on conditions such as employment verification or unexplained gaps in employment, explanation of late payments, and verification of bank account funding inflow. Our mortgage contract underwriting support will provide the appropriate letters, proof and other documentation as necessary.

We provide loan-clearing assistance as follows:


  • Ensuring a clear title policy
  • Verifying insurance policies (flood, homeowners,etc) and appraisal reports
  • Verification of employment or deposits (VOE or VOD)
  • Project approval for condo units, as necessary


Title Review
Reviewing title information is an important step in the mortgage loan process. We assist lenders in fact-checking all title documents, ensure that they are free of errors, and finally provide a precise review of closing documents. We will provide review of the following title reports, which allow us to search and find problematic information:


  • Title transfer
  • Tax information
  • Property details
  • Judgment details
  • Title insurance


Appraisal Review

During the process of appraisal, we use certified appraisers and use the most updated version of the appraisal report documentation. We review all applicable appraisal information before the lender receives the final report, and therefore, ensure that lenders receive the greatest amount of accuracy in the shortest amount of time.

We will:

  • Verify appraiser certification and licensing
  • Assess comparable properties sold and current market values
  • Ensure investor inspection guidelines are followed


Fraud Review
We strive to on our ability to spot potentially fraudulent activity. We will verify all of the following information to ensure the borrower is in good standing with all relevant institutions.

  • Residential addresses
  • Relevant contractual agreements
  • Third-party documents as necessary
  • Bank statements and credit reports
  • Phone records