We service a diverse number of industries. We are here to help you leverage your 80%, so you can focus on your 20%. It’s time to shift.

Real Estate

We can help you as an individual agent, team or office leverage your specific real estate administrative tasks. A few tasks to consider leveraging are database management, drip campaigns, listing marketing, social media management and compliance (contract to close).


We can help your insurance business flourish with leverage. Taking claims reports, your personal scheduling, and overall customer care can be leveraged.

Mortgage & Lending

Our virtual assistants can help manage the settlement process, transcriptions, organize supporting documents,
getting rates from the bank, manage your calls and daily schedule, ordering thank you gifts, and CRM updates.

Property Management

We are ready to support you from tasks such as scheduling inspections to screening prospective tenants. Our leverage will help you focus on the broader scope details of running your company.

Information Technology

We can help you increase retention by leveraging the administrative duties virtually to give you more time to focus on the people part of your business.


Leverage your web presence, the daily and weekly customer communication, process streamlining, production research, recruitment, project management and even cost estimation.


We can boost your clinical workflows very cost effectively, and boost your local resources to spend critical time with your patients.


Any task that is not considered a ‘green task’ that makes your law firm money. Research, data entry, scheduling to name a few. Stop wearing all the hats, and use us as leverage.


All of your targeted tasks for each client can be leveraged. We can help you with the tedious and linear tasks that have previously prevented exponential growth.


From Shopify and Amazon to your drop shipping empire, we can facilitate store setup, product sourcing, listing and fulfillment, inventory management and shipment tracking to name a few specific areas for leverage.

Human Resources

We know how important the right people are, and how many layers it takes to find and train and work with great talent. Let us help you find and harness talent.

Financial Planning

Customer care and communication are integral to your business. Leverage your day-to-day routine to allow for growth.

Podcast Production

We can leverage such tasks as pre-interviews, scrubbing and transcribing audio and video content, video trailers to social media, and final uploads. Book a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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