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Real Estate Owned Services

We offer a range of efficient and technology-rich REO services to lenders and credit unions, in order to offer the ultimate in efficiency and accuracy. Our goal is to utilize our REO services as a means to ensure that lenders are never overcharged in error. We assist you in retaining knowledge and hands-on control over your REO expenses and reimbursements.


We offer the following REO solutions:


Your entire reimbursement process is handled from beginning to end through our breadth of services. We organize all bids, invoices, reimbursement forms, and submission forms in order to ensure timely completion. Paperwork can be cumbersome, but we will handle and provide a meticulous review of all documents and accounts receivables so that your reimbursements will be processed seamlessly.


Property Valuation
A key step in REO services is the valuation of the property, and the subsequent facilitation of the sale of the property quickly and efficiently. We will work with you on both of these key items to ensure you get the best possible price for your property. In addition to these services, we also process third-party fees, assist with broker price opinions and provide exceptional escrow closing services.


Administrative Services
From foreclosure to property sale, we will oversee all administrative services and provide the support you need during this cumbersome process. Our team excels at providing assistance with the areas of lead management, marketing strategies, property listing, and even minor details such as utilities and potential renovation costs.


Bank Registration Services
Registering your REO business with banks and financial institutions requires due diligence, and we will provide the administrative support to handle the process and take on the busy work. We have connections to all major banks and will ensure that there are no inconsistencies or errors that will hinder the registration process.


Bespoke REO Solutions
We personalize our REO services to cater to your specific needs and the unique nature of your workforce, resulting in top-level efficiency. Our best practices and use of key resources will ensure that your business requirements are met and your expectations are exceeded. Our customer service procedures will guarantee that you receive the level of quality you expect from our REO solutions.