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Loan Setup Services

At MyVaTeam Assistant Services, we will provide complete and comprehensive support while handling your loan setup requirements. We will order and track all necessary documents, closely monitor process flow, and will keep your loan setup moving forward at a fast pace.


Although efficiency is always front of mind for us, we will also work hard to customize our loan setup services to reflect your unique company needs and requirements.


Loan Document Management
Supporting documentation is a critical part of the loan approval process, and our administrative team will collect, review and organize all key documents. These can include documents such as income statements, purchase agreements, tax receipts, and insurance policies, among others. As it is completely crucial that all documents are approved and authenticated, we will work to ensure the credibility and factual nature of the data.


Loan Packaging and Review
Our expert support team will assist in loan packaging by working directly with loan processors and officers to set up a customer profile and facilitate the loan packaging process. Our efforts will guarantee that the loan packaging process is expertly streamlined and meets your expected timeline. We will review all key items and make sure that any missing details or information is completed before the documents are sent to the loan originator.


Title Support
The success of your mortgage process is dependent on complete, valid, and accurate information. If there are any slips in details or lack of relevant truths, you could face legal ramifications. Incomplete crucial background information on items such as pending lawsuits, taxes owed, or inconsistent property details will send up a red flag. Our team will work to ensure that you don’t find yourself in this type of situation through a detailed review of all vital title reports and supporting documents.


Appraisal Report Verification
Loan approval is co-dependent on the mortgage appraisal process, and they always go hand in hand. We will always ensure that appraisals and the subsequent report findings will be delivered according to the appropriate established turnaround times. We also will always review appraisal reports in order to spot problematic information, which in turn offers risk reduction throughout the mortgage process.


Fraud Review
Fraud is a huge problem and our team will work to make sure there are no red flags from inconsistent customer information on file. We incorporate fraud review measures in every step of the process in order to catch problems early on. Our dedication to fraud detection and protection will leave you secure in knowing that any fraudulent activity will be caught before loan finalization. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on industry fraud standards and work hard to incorporate a foolproof review process to minimize instances of fraud. HERE