Zoom Guest – Our Favorite Smart Plans

We would be happy to spend 8-10 minutes within your next Market Center Zoom meeting.

If you are not sharing the opportunity of leverage with all your Agents- you are missing a nugget. Ava and her team have found a simple way to assist every Agent in KW with a plan to increase business and add time to every day.
I strongly suggest you have her attend your next Zoom meeting. She will deliver value to your agents in attendance with her
short 10 minute presentation.

Elaine Della-Santina
Team Leader – KW Santa Cruz California

I would just like to thank Ava for getting up extra early to jump on my MCs office zoom meeting to introduce their Top 10 Smartplans
to a zoomful of agents. The session was packed full of great content and her knowledge of our industry as well as providing the convenience
of these templates to allow my agents to create the smartplans. It was an invaluable 10-15minutes. My agents were excited and I hope that
they not only use these templates but also consider using the VaTeam services as well. Thanks again Ava!

Chandra Graves
Productivity Coach – KW Royal Oak Michigan

Can’t thank Ava enough for joining our team meeting this week! So many of our agents are “too busy” to put lead follow ups in place, like
smartplans. Ava reviewed a variety of “ready to go” smartplans and our agents have been asking about them since our call. Sometimes it just takes another voice to be heard. If you haven’t had Ava join your team meeting, I strongly encourage it. Leverage. Leverage. Leverage.

Monica Tschantz
Productivity Coach – KW Peachtree City Georgia

Let us know the day and time you meet, and we will coordinate with you.

Use this link please – https://www.cognitoforms.com/MyVATeam1/zoomregistrationsmartplanpresentation

The only times not available are Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9-10am PST – noon-1pm EST.

toll free 1.855.255.2933   6205-98 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta